Sephiroth Project

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Welcome to my website for personal and business content.  Here is where I explain what is in this site and what the purpose is.  I started this website mainly for one reason.  The main reason was for it to be a hub to promote my projects mostly non-profit.  I was going to promote were mods to edit games.  I was going to edit Kotor or Knights of the Old Republic.  However I thought it be easier to do a fanfic so I moved on to Final Fantasy 7.  I will be posting them on here as well as Qhimm.  You can check out the fabulous work they are doing by clicking here.  For now until I finish a book this website will be called Sephiroth Project.  Mostly what I am doing is editing his weapons and giving him limits.  His field as well as battle model will be compatible with bootleg.  Also I have permission from Scorpicus to bundling their mod into the pack.  When GF-san finishes his I hope to incorporate his in as well.  Also I maybe able to edit the AB file to give Sephiroth some missing animations in battle.  I'll edit this at a later time with more info.