Sephiroth Project

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Sephiroth with bootleg fix battle model: 
For awhile now people have been asking for this fix.  The only problem was the old Sephiroth patches used the old models.  This fixes it by repacking the lgp after bootleg by switching the battle files of Sephiroth and Cloud.  This will allow for more freedom of editing.  If you ever wanted to change who the new protagonist fights now is your chance.

Sephiroth limit breaks:

So with all other editions of the Cloud to Sephiroth and vice versa Sephiroth used Cloud's.  Sometimes one would use Vincent's.  Mine will use some from Vincent, Yuffie and even Red XIII.  I will work to make it so he uses his magic casting animation.  Pictures coming soon.


Paste the FF7-ProjectS.exe in the main FF7 folder.  Use wallmarket to apply the weapon pack which will include the renaming and necessary alterations.  If you using 7th heaven make sure to switch the path of the exe.  Other wise just click on the new exe to launch the game with your new limits.

Sephiroth Story mod:

This will edit the story to show what it could of been like if Sephiroth was the hero.  There is a new antagonist who is tied to Sephiroth.

Catalog version:


Made installation easy to do now it should be a one click process after initial setup for any updates and there will be many.  Steps to install the mod first you'll need 7th Heaven.  Clear the appdata cache so 7th heaven is no longer saved in it.  Once that is done launch it again and when it prompts you click yes on both options.  Then in the sub paste the link provided.  Once that is done click the workshop button and click check subscriptions now.  Once that is done click on the catalog tab and you should see the mod with a very nice picture of Sephiroth compliments of cmh175.  Click the download button and wait for it to download then go to library and hit search then you should be set to activate it.  When it pops up I suggest you right click and set it to update automatically.  The only thing that isn't in it is the limits as that is exe based.  Just keep the exe provided in my other release and rename it to -projectS if you like.

Note any subsequent updates will need you to uninstall the old versions manually by going into the folder that is created after importing.  You'll then need to restart 7th Heaven then check subs then download the new version.


Most of the files can be used by 7th Heaven though other files like the Kernel bin need to be applied through a patch.  First copy all of the files including the main folder in your mods folder.  If you do not have one then make one now.  Once this is done make a copy of your kernel folder contents to back them up as well as the scene.bin in your battle folder.  Use wallmarket to apply the kernel patch (titled weapon pack) and then use Proud Clod to apply the scene.bin patch (titled boss battle mod).  Alternatevily what you can do is repack them into the lgp by using ulgp or lgp tools.

This page exist to showcase the mods I have done.  For some reason this will not allow me to upload however I will link to the dropbox that I use.  Any and all updates will be in the news section.